Modeling: 8 Tips For Your Perfect Instagram Picture

  Ever wondered how the big names on Instagram do to look good in pictures? Ever questioned yourself on how to pose for dope IG pictures? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because you came to the right place!  

Low-maintenance fashion: Your New Best Friend?

We all live a busy life, in which time is crucial. Dressing then seems more like a chore than something enjoyable. Let me help you dress well fast and with minimum care by introducing you to low-maintenance fashion.

Eco-Blog 1: Dawson Green Earth Club, Toothbrushes and Letters

  Since my article on Ecology and I: A Journey Through Change, a lot of things happened (like finals, which explained why I couldn’t post in the time I wanted to). During the last few weeks, I have been actively seeking to find a way to make my presence felt in the environmental community.