10 Ways To Make Savings: Good-Bye Full-Priced Clothing!

10 Ways To Make Savings: Good-Bye Full-Priced Clothing!



What if I told you that you don’t need to break the bank in order to have a nice stylish closet?


In a previous article, I wrote about how to build your perfect wardrobe on a budget . What I didn’t write about was how to make savings on nearly everything you buy.


Yes, it is possible, by the glorious power of sales and discounts. It takes a bit of work but the savings are totally worth the shot.


As a student, my biggest preoccupation was focused on saving money on clothing. Nearly 90% of my clothes come from sales and discounts and I’m NOT afraid to say it!


By following the tips and tricks I will show you, YOU can save money on almost every future purchase too!


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Go to the sales section first


When you enter a store, your #1 priority should be to head directly to the sales section. You never know if the sales section offer what you’re looking for and if that’s the case, no matter the percentage, you get your first savings on a piece of clothing!

Invest time and effort to shopping


It’s no surprise: the biggest sales are either annual, seasonal or monthly. It is your job to be there at the right time. Whether it’s in stores or online, you need to go out there and check out the stores to see what’s being offered.


Bonus tip: start following on your social medias your favorite shops. That is the best way to be quickly aware of sales without a doubt.

Find yourself a shopping buddy


When it comes to discounts, sometimes, you don’t want to buy 2 pairs of jeans just to benefit from that “buy one, get one 50% off” deal. That’s where having a shopping friend comes in handy.


If you and your partner both need a pair of jeans, you can both buy a pair and profit from the discount (make sure that one of you buy those pairs to profit from the discount). In that way, you both get a pair of jeans, for cheaper than usual!

Wait for the right moment


A common tip that experienced money-savers are perfectly aware of is to wait until your piece’s season ends. That way, the remaining stock will be on sales and they will be available on the market for a huge discount.


For example, coats are full-priced during fall and winter, but once spring and summer arrive, their prices drop considerably.


Fun fact: I bought a Guess duffle coat for 70% off by buying it in spring, which made me savings of around 300$!

Have friends that work in the clothing industry


As you get more and more informed about the fashion market, you learn how to use certain discounts at your advantage.


One example would be the employee discount. An employee from a clothing brand is most likely to have an employee discount on the store’s merchandise. You can apply to work in your favorite brands stores in order to benefit from those too.


If not, get your friend to buy you your clothes (pay him back later, of course) using his employee discount and make savings of 25% or more on clothes!

Involve yourself in the industry


A second example from the previous point is what I call the customer’s request. As you become a known customer from a store, employees have the right to offer you a discount in some cases when you request it, to keep their loyal customers.


When you shop a lot from a specific store and you get to know the cashier, don’t be afraid to negotiate a bit. Who knows, you might get a discount on a full-priced item!

Give thrift shops a chance


Thrift shops are known for their low prices. In exchange, they sell you clothes that have been worn before. Even though they’re perfectly clean, the thought that someone wore your clothes might seem a bit disgusting.


Nonetheless, for the savings you can make, it’s definitely worth it and you should give it a try!

Use Shopping Apps featuring discounted apparel


There are A LOT of shopping apps selling discounted clothes on your mobile app store or online, such as jClub. All you have to do is browse through what they offer, buy a discounted item and wait until your purchase comes to your door. It’s that simple.




Although some stores may charge you shipping fees, jClub doesn’t have any fees for shipping and their deals are amazing! It is not a rare sight to save up to 80% on products and if you don’t like what you ordered, jClub has a free 30-days return that allows you to get your money back and spend it on things you really want to invest in. Primarily focusing on customer service, jClub is THE online store to shop at for a wide variety of items you can buy, from men’s fashion to food & cooking!


Furthermore, if the deals found on the website are not enough, The Soul’s Garment has a discount code of up to 20% off for you guys! Simply use “THESOULSGARMENT” at the checkout to receive it and there you go!


Beware: make sure that the affiliation you’re buying from is not a scam. Online shopping can be tricky and you certainly don’t want to spend money on stuff that you will never get. You can read my article on what you need to know about online shopping so that you can avoid scams and frauds!

Spend some time in off-price retail stores


Off-price retail stores, like TJX Companies, are goldmines for money-saving. They sell you merchandise from famous brands at a lower price since their original ones didn’t sell all the stocks. 


Personally, I LOVE those stores. Saving more than 40$ on a piece is pretty common if you look at the price the items generally go for.

Look for wholesale stores too


Wholesalers generally offer lower prices compared to retail stores. Their price points may be a bit higher than the other options but you still get to save money on your apparel from your favorite brands.

In a nutshell


In order to save money on your purchases, you should:

  • Always head to the Sales Section first
  • Invest time and effort in shopping
  • Find yourself a shopping buddy
  • Wait for the right moment to buy your clothes
  • Involve yourself in the industry
  • Make friends in the industry
  • Use thrift shops to your advantage
  • Try out sales apps
  • Go to off-price retail stores
  • Find some wholesale stores from your favorite brands


Following these tips will definitely make you save money and anyone who’s on a budget should at least consider these options. As long as you put in the effort and the time, saving a huge ton of money is not that hard!


Now go out there and build your wardrobe, without fearing about breaking the bank.


Thank you for reading.

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