3 Simple Steps To Think Like A Fashionable Man

3 Simple Steps To Think Like A Fashionable Man



For someone who starts getting interested in fashion, the world of clothing, as fashionable as it gets, may seem pretty vast and hard to understand.


Although I can say I’m fully into fashion now, there was a time when I used to know nothing about the art of dressing and the whole thing just seemed like a pain in the neck.


Thankfully, I am here to save you from this early state of confusion. I spent the last 2 years submerging into fashion and I will show you what you should do to in order to think like fashionable man in 3 simple steps.


Simply keep in mind that no matter how small these tips are, they should not be overlooked. The biggest changes in your life result from the accumulation of small ones.


Start looking around with a purpose


When you walk around in your everyday life, whether you go to school, work or run errands in the city, raise your head and check your surroundings. The streets are full of people showcasing their fashion taste in various ways.


Who knows if someone is actually wearing something you like? You can only know if you observe their outfits! So be observant, make quick glances everywhere, analyze. You will probably notice tendencies, trends and how to match colors and different types of clothing.


By the way, don’t be shy with your surroundings or strangers. Don’t be afraid to tell other men that you like what they wear. It’s a classy behavior that acknowledges how other men dress. I personally love when people compliment my outfits and I’m sure it makes others happy too.


By interacting with other men who are interested in fashion, you can develop relationships between fellows who have the same fashion interest. The key to create bonds with other people is to be classy, polite and considerate to others. A fashionable man is as dressy outside as he is inside!


Another way to look around with a purpose is to start going out and visit stores in your localities in order to check what’s on the market. Knowing what and where you can find your desired clothing will help you elevate your style quickly. Don’t hesitate to check out online shopping sites too (if you don’t trust online shopping, you can always learn how to detect a scam online)


Quick tip: look at the mannequins. They are always dressed up by stylists. You can find inspirations on how to mix and match clothes and outfits.


Inform yourself


Start following some men’s fashion influencers on the Internet. A great way to start is to go on Youtube and type “Men’s fashion”. You will get A LOT of results to choose from. Information-based channels, simply weekly outfit channels or vlogs from fashion influencers: there is for all tastes. 


In my opinion, Teachingmensfashion is a great channel that covers the basics of menswear: an efficient way to start up your fashion journey. Oh, and The Soul’s Garment is a great blog too!


In addition, Instagram features a lot of men’s fashion and lifestyle accounts that can give you inspiration for your daily wears or your future purchases. Daily OOTDs or fashion celebs such as iamgalla or Mariano Di Vaio (my favorites) can brighten up your IG feed and offer you inspiration all year-long.


The great thing about social medias is that they recommend you similar accounts or content from what you follow and like. As soon as you get started, the rest will follow pretty naturally.


Books aren’t dead either. Men’s fashion magazines such as GQ or Esquire feature fashionable men celebrities and nice articles on men’s lifestyle and fashion. You can also go to your local library and check out some books about fashion. Any resource can help you develop your style, as long as you are willing enough.


Reminder: Don’t suffocate yourself with information. Start slowly, reading a book at a time, following one account a time. Keep your own pace! The worst thing you could do is to turn fashion into a chore and that’s exactly what we want to avoid.


Change your mindset


Thinking like a fashionable man is also a matter of mindset. What is the difference between a normal man and a fashionable man?


The fashionable man will always try to improve himself. He will also try to be at his best, as often as he can. For whom does he dress nicely? For himself. Dressing well is a way to appreciate and love yourself. Not always impress others.


You should also think about fashion as a way to elevate yourself, to get on the next level of “self”. You love yourself, therefore you deserve to invest in yourself and look good (that is the fundamentals in order to get confidence).


On the other hand, dressing nicely is a way to show how classy you are. When you present yourself to an important/formal event, dressing accordingly is a sign of consideration. You show to the organizers of the event that you care about what they do. It’s a respectable and morally positive behavior.


Keep in mind that being fashionable is as much a way to show who you are outside as who you are inside. Look good, feel good!




Thinking like a fashionable man comes down to 3 main aspects:

  • Look around purposefully: observe and analyze your surroundings
  • Inform yourself: follow influencers on social medias and learn about fashion
  • Change your mindset: think classy, appreciate yourself and be a gentleman


With the right mindset and way of thinking, being fashionable will come naturally as part of the process.


Thank you for reading.

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Ryoma Martin, from The Soul’s Garment

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*Featured Image: Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash