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5 Practical Tips You Can Use to Improve Your Instagram!



“Dear Instagram, who has the best the best profile of them all? And if it’s not me, how can I be it?”


Social media are becoming a huge part of our lives as a society. Social platforms like Instagram are now a must-master if you want to succeed in a business or if you want to connect with people. Whether you’re marketing your company, trying to become an influencer or just wanting to improve your social media game, you have to learn about the platform and its tweaks to create a great-looking profile that will attract people.


In this post, I will show you 5 little things you have to look for before marketing yourself or promoting your brand/profile on Instagram so that you can turn every visitor into follower! Let’s get into it.

Writing a good bio

Your bio, to its core, describes who and what you are. The one thing that will allow your followers to know you is by reading that little section of text. In order to have an appealing biography, the key is to be straightforward and precise. Our society is fast-paced; nobody has the time to read a whole paragraph just for a bio. You got to catch your readers’ attention quickly and efficiently.


A lot of Instagrammers use bullet points because that is what allows you to describe yourself efficiently. Be clear about what you say; a bio using inside jokes, irrelevant information such as what kind of food you like or anything that can be ambiguous to a newcomer will make your potential followers quit your page. Look at mine, for instance, or Will Taylor’s: quick, efficient and informative.


My IG bio


Will Taylor's IG bio

Your bio is yours and you can get creative with it, but don’t forget to be clear and understandable to your potential followers! 

Choosing a clear profile picture


It is scientifically proven that a nice and clean profile picture of you will make your profile more appealing. Who wants to follow a person who doesn’t have a profile picture or who has an animal’s face as its profile pic? Showing who you are is a feature that will make you more relatable and close to your followers. Also, since your profile picture is small, try to get a nice face portrait, with a smile (to look friendly, don’t do like me) and a good quality picture. Have a good profile picture, just like Will Taylor above, and you’ll become a followers magnet!

Uploading good quality pictures

As obvious as it may sound, you NEED good quality pictures on your feed to incite people to follow you. With everyone having access to cell phones and pretty good cameras, it is an instant turn-off to see bad quality pictures on someone’s profile. In order to stand out, you either need cameras specifically made for photography or really know your way with mobile cameras (check my review on mobile camera lenses to see how you can upgrade your mobile photography game!).


If you can’t afford an expensive camera, you can seek for photographers around your area, amateurs and professionals, to take pictures for you! In my vicinity, I met with Simon, a co-founder of Easyflash. I had a photoshoot with the company and I was honestly blown away by their results. They offer a free photoshoot and all you have to do is pay for the pictures you want to keep. Talented, passionate and hard-working, Easyflash is the author of more than 4 pictures I posted on my Instagram, all getting over 1000 likes! Book a photoshoot with them on their website here(and their Instagram here)and your Instagram profile will be 100 times more appealing, trust me. Following are a few pictures they took of me during a photoshoot.


Easyflash 1

Easyflash 2

Easyflash 3
Revolving around one same theme/color


This one is crucial to have a nice, aesthetic and useful profile. When people view your profile, they will certainly see the “big picture” of your account. They will notice how your profile looks as a whole, how your pictures are looking together. To have a harmonious theme, try to stick to one same filter/color to keep everything homogenous or take the same kinds of pictures. Additionally, you can tweak your order and see if you can have a sort of layout; for example, you can have a profile that has a picture of architecture/portrait/architecture/ portrait, etc. to have some kind of pattern. Here are some Instagram profiles I found very eye pleasing:


iamgalla's feed

Khaled's feed

EdwardZo's feed

Having a specific topic


When people come to your profile, they got to know what kind of content you’re offering. If your profile looks like a very confusing ensemble of pictures of different things, why would they follow you? You have to help your followers anticipate and understand the kind of content you create.


If you’re a model, put pictures of you modeling and stuff. If you’re a fashion Instagrammer, showcase clothes and outfits. If you like makeup, put makeup-related things. Like your bio, your content must be clear, precise and specific in order to gather like-minded people that love the same things as you!

In conclusion


In order to kick things off the right way on Instagram, check on your profile that you:


  • Wrote a great bio
  • Chose a clear and nice profile picture
  • Started uploading good quality pictures
  • Selected a theme/layout for your Instagram feed
  • Chose a specific topic to revolve around


Once you got all the aspects checked, you can definitely tell yourself you are on the right path to attract new followers. Don’t forget to always have fun and stay true to yourself, no matter what!


Thank you for reading.

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Featured image: Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash