5 No-Brainers To Get Confidence

5 No-Brainers To Get Confidence



Confidence. One word that will lead you very far in life if mastered. When you see successful people in your life or on the Internet, you can clearly notice that they all have confidence in what they do. Sometimes, it gets annoying how easy they can make it look.


I often get from people that I look and act confident, although I’m pretty young. Here are my tips to drastically gain self-esteem for men. 

Recreate a confident person’s habits

In order to be confident, one essential thing you need is to accept and believe in yourself. Confidence is a matter of being comfortable with who you are and loving yourself is the foundation of self-esteem.

Living like a confident person, as you can observe, mostly means to take care of yourself:

  1. If you’re unsatisfied with your body, get a gym subscription (find yourself a gym-buddy to motivate each other) and work on what you’re complexed about
  2. Find yourself a nice barber: since I found my barber, I just LOVE going to the barber and feel fresh all the time. Go regularly get a haircut in order to maintain and keep a fresh look
  3. Get nice clothes: dressing nicely, fit to your body-type will surely improve your overall confidence since people will start looking at you for the good reasons and so will you. Look good, feel good, act confident!


Yes, those are all “materialistic and financial” aspects of life. Nonetheless, you and your body are the only projects you will work on for a lifetime. In order to know yourself and maintain the best out of your looks (to your image), investing in yourself is essential. Thankfully, here at The Soul’s Garment, I will help you achieve your clothing and lifestyle expectations! 


Pay attention to your posture


Confidence appears in every aspect of your social life. It shows even when you aren’t interacting. For that matter, posture is pretty important in order to transparent your self-esteem.


While walking, keep your back straight and your chin up. This shows to every passerby that you are not afraid of who you are and how you look. It will also help you feel better in your skin, I talk by experience. It feels a lot more empowering to walk straight looking far in the horizon instead of leaning forward and look at the ground. The world is so much more beautiful that way.


(Tip: while you walk in your everyday life, try to think about keeping a nice posture: that way, walking confidently will become second nature)


Not to confuse: arrogance and confidence are not synonyms. One can keep a nice straight posture without looking down on people.


Think outside of the box

In a society where perfect-bodied models and unrealistic physical expectations are worshipped, instinctively, your first thoughts would be focused on how imperfect you are, leading to a low self-esteem.

Learn to think in another way. YOU are a person, as important as anyone else. It doesn’t matter if you do not fit society’s criterias. Everybody is different and has their own imperfections.


You are definitely worth the time and effort and you deserve to look good. It is okay to invest in yourself: in fact, you are the most important matter in your life. So get out there, start today to work on your better you!

I’ve been complexed about my physique, my facial features and multiple other things throughout my young life. Confidence is not something innate. The moment I learned that we are all different from each other , I told myself I should love myself for who I am, embrace it, and use my negativity to fight against my complexes.

Here are a picture of me before I invest in myself and after I decided to do so.



My Old Self, Not Well-Kept


           Current Self, Well-Kept And Confident

It’s painful to say, but it’s BY FAR easier to feel confident looking like ”lower me” than ”upper me”: the haircut is nice, clothes are great and the posture is better.

While I was watching my fashion idols, I tried to figure out what they did in order to be confident. I decided to try out the points mentioned above in order to achieve the best “me” possible and I, as much as the people around me, noticed it. As long as you’re serious about changing yourself and work towards a better “you”, anything is possible!

To make it short:

• Get to the gym and learn how to work out your physical insecurities
• Find a nice barber and feel fresh about your hair
• Get nice clothes that fit your body and your personality
• Correct your posture
• Learn to love yourself

There are so many aspects to tackle when talking about confidence and one blog post is not enough to cover all of them. Remember: you will never regret investing in yourself, it’s a guarantee!

Thank you for reading.

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*Featured Image: Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash