Barbour, the designer behind some of the world’s most iconic jackets, is taking a new approach to designing its women’s garments.

Barbour, which is best known for its jackets and athletic wear, is making its first foray into the market with a women’s design collection, which will be available starting July 10 in men’s and women’s sizes.

The collection will include an “adventure jacket,” which will feature a jacket featuring a bow, bow tie, and a bow that’s made of wool, nylon, and nylon fabric.

The adventure jacket is meant to showcase the brand’s “inclusive, playful and creative approach,” according to the brand, which also has a range of clothing that’s specifically designed for women.

For the adventure jacket, Barbour teamed up with designer Gia Carabello, who created the bowtie and bow for the jacket.

“Gia’s bold, elegant and unique style is inspired by the rich history of the Italian coast, from the Golden Age to the modern age,” Barbour said in a statement.

“The bow is a tribute to the ocean and the wild beauty of the Pacific, a nod to the sea and the beautiful ocean.”

The collection will be sold at select retailers in men and women sizes.

Barbours jacket has a bow tie and bowtie, which features a bow and bow tie.

Barrier jackets, which are designed for military and law enforcement use, have a bowtie with a bow.

Barbie’s new jacket has bow ties and bow ties.

Barabas women’s and men’s jackets are available in a range from $250 to $3,000, depending on the fabric and color.

Barbour is also introducing a line of women’s tailored jackets.


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