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The Soul’s Garment started off as an opportunity for me to freely express myself on what I love: men’s fashion and lifestyle. My love for masculine apparel began some years ago. By the time I established myself in the world of men’s fashion, I realized I became a renown figure in my social environment, like my school, my friends, etc. Being called “fashion man” or “THE fashion guy” made me realize that maybe my passion for men’s fashion wasn’t just a simple plain passion


For a decisive project in high school, I decided to make a book about fashion, featuring guidelines, fun facts, inspirations and history relating to the male garment. It was at this moment that I figured how fun this project was for me, since it related to a topic I had a deep interest in.


Inspired by all those male fashion bloggers, YouTubers and influencers on Instagram , I decided to create my own fashion and lifestyle blog. Along the way developed my Instagram and other social medias, which are growing crazy fast and I can’t be any happier and excited to work on my passion!


My name is Ryoma Martin, I’m currently a student in Montreal and I created The Soul’s Garment in July, 2017. The journey has only begun and I’m glad I can count on every one of you to tag along and live this amazing experience!


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