An irish-themed dress with an iris lining and a zebrawood print is the latest to make its way into the Irish fashion calendar.

Kohls has been producing jewellery since the 1960s, but now it’s a fashion house that is looking to revive its heritage.

Kohl has recently teamed up with the fashion house to launch an iridescent dress called Iris, which features a zabra-print design.

The iridescence comes in a variety of colours and patterns and is inspired by the traditional colours of the Irish landscape.

Kolleks is known for its colourful and colourful dresses and jewellery.

The Iris dress, which is priced at €8,500 ($9,300), is available now on Kohls website.

The dress was designed by Irish designer and designer-designer, Tania O’Sullivan, and features a simple design that has been inspired by ancient Celtic and Celtic-inspired jewellery, according to Kohls.

The design also includes a simple and timeless colour palette, a classic motif, and an irisescent zebra print.

Kahal is a designer that has also recently released a collection of jewellery that features an iridiscent design.

Khal has a new collection of jewelry featuring a zub-like pattern that was inspired by Celtic and medieval designs, according the designer.

The pieces in the collection are priced at $5,500 and $7,500 respectively.