Does Social Media Make Our Generation Anti-Social?



Is today’s society too caught up on their phones to live in the moment? Hear me out on this.



A while ago, on Instagram, I asked you your thoughts on social media,  recording stories and videos. Are we losing the notion of enjoying the present so that we can show to others what we’re doing? With all of you giving me your opinions, you made me reflect on the subject and I came up with my opinion. This article is a direct response, my complete response, to this thread. 


It is quite an interesting debate to argue whether social media actually make you more social or, on the opposite, ANTI-social. Our generation is so caught up with the urge to share our so-called “awesome” life that, maybe, we aren’t actually living in the moment anymore. Always on our phone, did we become anti-social monsters that seek shelter on the Internet when facing social interactions?


My friend and I were actually talking about this matter and my answer to that was this: I think it all depends on how you use it. In my opinion, it can actually do some good to take the time to share with others your moments but in moderation.


Why I love sharing what I do


To be honest with all of you, I actually love sharing my moments on social media. In fact, it makes me enjoy moments even more because sharing is in some ways a motivation to live. Let me explain.


When I was young, I used to be quite antisocial and I had a BORING life. When my mom would suggest me activities to do, whether it was going outside, visiting stuff or attend a festival, I would rather stay inside and play video games.


But what made me change my perspective and become the person that I am today? The motivation to live through different kinds of experiences in order to share them on the Internet.


For example, now, I invite friends out to try new things, I hear my mom out on her suggested outings, I’m a lot more open to new ideas, etc. I used social media as a mean to get rid of my bad habit of staying home.


Furthermore, a lot of you actually pointed out the fact that sharing moments allow you to relive those moments and feel nostalgia, which I totally agree with. It’s always nice to crack a smile looking back at old pictures and videos. We’re writing a story of our own and forgetting it would be a total shame!


Social media are a powerful outlet to share moments with others and create new relationships. They are definitely a great platform to save memories and enjoy moments, several times. They are the greatest asset of our time and we should take advantage of them!


Social Media

Why I don’t record EVERYTHING I do


As much as we can praise social media for what they can do, beware of their use too.


How many of you have seen a whole group of friends or family in which everyone was on their phone? A lot, that’s for sure. It even became a meme to see everyone at a party on their phone. Nobody talks, nobody looks at anyone, or worse, people text each other while sitting right in the same room.


This scene is the perfect example of how some can use social media badly: using social media to become anti-social.


If we push our previous example even further, a few people might ask others to fake fun in order to take a snap and share that on their story.


Using stories to project a false representation of your life to make other people jealous is pretty much the worst usage of social media. If everything you do is fake, how can you determine what’s real in your life?


Another thing about being stuck up on your phone: what if you are too concentrated on your phone and you actually miss the opportunity of meeting people? Maybe among those strangers, there is a potential best friend, business partner or lover..! You can never know what life is going to throw at you unless you catch it. Think about it next time you are at a party or at a chilling event and find yourself looking at your phone.


Finally, there is a notion of respect for the people you are with. How would you feel if you were to hang out with someone and that person is always on her phone? Wouldn’t you feel bad, like you’re not worth her attention? When people have the courtesy to actually make time for you, you should at least give them your attention and be in the moment, enjoy the present!


How you use social platform should not compromise your friendship and your ability to enjoy the present. Don’t become a phone-zombie and allow yourself to take your phone away some time. Talk to your friends, your family, and even strangers. Live life how it should be lived and you will have the time of your life, I guarantee it.




I would like to thank all of you who are reading my articles, actively participating in my Instagram threads. It is always a nice feeling to talk to you all of you around the world. I’m always keeping myself busy to deliver the best kind of content out there and you won’t be disappointed.


Thank you for reading.


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