Back To School: Simple Yet Trendy Outfit

Back To School: Simple Yet Trendy



We all love a good casual outfit for the weekend, looking nice effortlessly. With school starting soon, I thought I’d show you an outfit you could rock during your school year!

In contrast with my previous business casual outfit, I went for a summer-friendly jeans/shirt look, perfect to go back to school with.


The light tones of both my shirt and my jeans keep my body cool from the summer heat. With the temperature rising, you have to make sure you don’t absorb the light. Sweating is your worst enemy, fight it effectively! 

Simple Yet Trendy Outfit Overview

Paired with grey sneakers and my grey watch, my outfit keeps an overall light-theme, so that the colors match together.


As you can see on the featured image, the neutral color of the shirt and the ripped jeans give a modernistic and trendy character to the outfit. See how the clothes fit closely to my body and clearly show my body proportions? That’s how casual should be worn: fitted.

Trendy Outfit Side View

On the other hand, the leather backpack maintains the casual vibe of the look and serves as a commodity to run errands. Look stylish even when you’re carrying your school books.


Finally, some black casual shades add a little spice to the outfit, giving a mysterious yet cool aspect to my light-themed clothes.



This outfit is perfect for school, some plans with friends or simply do some shopping downtown.


Furthermore, as I mentioned in my article about creating a wardrobe on a budget, this outfit is wallet-friendly! The shirt cost around 15$, the pants less than 30 and the shades around 20.


Tell me what you think about that look in the comments, it’d be my pleasure to see your opinion.


Thank you for reading.

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