The top 10 best fashion bags for under and over $100 are as follows: $80 to $100: The Bottega Veneta by Bottego.

This bag has been a staple of my wardrobe for the past decade.

It’s light and slim and a great value for under-$100.

It holds a lot of stuff in it, and it’s also a great way to carry things like clothes, shoes, books, and other personal items.

$50 to $150: The Patagonia Black Diamond Expedition by Patagonian.

This is a good value for this size bag.

It comes with a wide back strap, and the exterior is leather.

It also has a great pocket for storing items like pens, magazines, pens, and more.

$40 to $60: The Louis Vuitton Classic Sport Classic by Louis Vuit.

This lightweight bag comes in three sizes, and its exterior is plastic.

Its also easy to carry in a bag, so it’s great for those who aren’t big into a lot on the outside.

$35 to $40: The Nautilus by Nautilix.

This compact bag is a favorite among backpackers.

Its made of a lightweight material and has a soft, leather-like interior.

It has a shoulder strap and pocket for things like keys and keyspans.

$30 to $35: The Zippo by Zippos.

This tiny bag is great for taking the kids to the park or shopping for supplies.

It features a zipper that snaps on, and you can store snacks and other necessities in it.

$20 to $30: The Merrell Ultra Slim Duo by Merrell.

This medium size bag has a leather-filled interior and a zipper, and has been used by backpackers since the 1980s.

It fits comfortably in a handbag, backpack, or purse.

$15 to $20: The Pumas by Pumases.

This light bag has an internal zipper and is a great bag for those looking for a small bag.

$10 to $15: The Fendi Ultra Light Bag by Fendi.

This one is a bit more expensive, but it has a zipper.

Its a little smaller than a typical bag, but its perfect for those on the go.

$5 to $10: The Kwik-Mart Bag by Kwik.

This inexpensive bag has no pockets, but is good for those that need extra room.

It can be worn as a carry-on or a small purse.

There are many bags to choose from in this category, and there are many more that you can use this time of year.

The bottom line: The biggest mistake backpackers make is buying expensive clothing that they don’t need, and that can end up being a costly mistake for them and their families.


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