Business Casual For Dinner

Business Casual For Dinner


This Friday’s outfit is a business casual attire, a simple yet killer look that every man should have in their wardrobe.


Paired with navy tailored trousers, a white dress shirt is always the way to go. Personally, I went with a patterned one in order to add some personality to the outfit.

Business Casual Outfit Overview

Business Casual Outfit Overview

As you can see, the fit is what makes in my opinion the outfit. Tailored trousers make the legs look good and the fitted dress shirt just shows the people you know what you’re doing.

The leather Oxford shoes, a man’s shoewear essential, and the matching belt enhances the overall outfit into a professional look. Clean, subtle, great. Leather is not to be messed with.

5TH Watch

To finish the look, a nice simple watch, without any accessories, gives a little finishing touch to the outfit, giving away subtle messages that you care about the details.

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