How To Easily Find Your Own Style In No Time

How To Easily Find Your Own Style In No Time



The world of menswear is full of possibilities. As you get farther and farther into it, you will notice that everyone has their own style.


Now, after slowly dipping your feet into the clothing industry, you might ask yourself: how do I get MY own style?

Worry not, The Soul’s Garment is here to help! Follow these pieces of advice and you will be able to customize your wardrobe with YOUR style, in no time!


First and foremost, look at yourself


To find your own style, you have to first figure out how you look to see what naturally fits best for you.


Pay attention to your skin tone, hair/eye color. The key factor in clothing is balance. As I don’t know by heart what looks best for each person, I recommend you to go on Pinterest and see for yourself what suits you best. In general, the objective is to keep a certain balance. For example, if you have a lot of contrast between your hair color and eye color, (black hair, blue eyes, for example) you can work out contrasts in your outfit and vice versa.


As for colors, you should look at your skin tone. Depending on the latter, you will look good in certain colors and look bad in others. Look up on Pinterest “skin tone men” and you will find a variety of infographics on which color would suit you best per your skin tone. The key factor in forging your closet is to find “your” colors! Again, as you think more and more like a fashionable man, you will develop your own sense of style. If you think you look good in a color and you get great feedback on it, rock it!


Concerning your physics, consider your height.If you are short, try to elongate your silhouette by: privileging monochrome outfits, altering your blazer’s button lower, using vertical patterns, etc. If you are tall, try to shorten it by: using horizontal patterns or contrasts between the top and bottom in colors, etc. The main point, as always, is to create an overall balance.


Secondly, take a personality test.


Your objective here is to find specific words that describe your personality. Once you get a few of them, try to find clothes that can be described by the same words as your personality.


Clothes speak as loud as we do. If you have an overall vibe that you want to transmit to others, you have to find the right clothes that can make you do that.


For example, I’m discreet and calm. Therefore, I will avoid vibrant/ bold colors or designs and I’ll lean toward minimalistic and plain ones. Believe it or not, the one word that people describe me as is calm (and confident, if you read my article on confidence *wink*).


Your personality is what makes you different from others. Work that uniqueness out!


Thirdly, try, try and try!


The easiest way to find out if something looks good on you or not is by trying it out. Get out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to take a lot of clothes in the changing rooms (it doesn’t cost anything to try).


If you find yourself wanting to buy something new and you are on a budget, try to buy a cheap alternative first to see if you really like it and will wear that item. Once you know you do, get yourself a solid one. For example, before buying my 5TH watch, I bought a 50$ watch from ALDO to see if a watch was really what I wanted.


Do not be afraid of trends either. Simply because a trend doesn’t fit what you think your style is, it doesn’t mean you won’t look good in it. Maybe you will like it and actually implement it in your closet as a staple piece. Again, be sure that your money doesn’t go to waste and buy cheap before buying expensive.


A good advice would be to try out clothes with a trustful and honest friend. As much as you should trust your own opinion, it’s a good thing to have the opinion of someone else. As your friend will incarnate the public, you need him/her to be honest with you so that he/she tells you whenever something doesn’t look good on you.


Remember, your wardrobe is as much alive as you are! The more you try, the more you will get what fits you and what doesn’t. Whether you try new trends, color palettes, cuts, do not shy away. Keep in mind that a true fashionable man will always try to improve himself, and his wardrobe.


Finally, get inspired!


There are a ton of influencers and celebrities out there on the Internet and on TV who dresses nicely with different styles. Find yourself some accounts on Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest and use them to get some inspirations. Pinterest, in my opinion, is a great platform to save some pins and create boards so that you can get reminded about your inspirations and work toward finding what your wardrobe misses.


Furthermore, looking around on the Internet allows you to see what models and influencers are physically similar to you. That way, you can see for yourself what color and types of clothes might look best for your body type, skin tone, eye/hair combination, etc.


Also, when you see someone wearing a piece of clothing you like, don’t be shy to ask away. You might find a place where you could buy similar apparel! If you ask nicely, you should get a nice answer and maybe make a friend.


In conclusion


Your style is forged by going through several aspects of yourself. In order to find your own style, start with:


  • Looking at your physical features
  • Understanding your personality
  • Not being afraid to try different style and clothes
  • Find inspiration on social medias and outside


Express yourself through clothing and you will find yourself loving fashion a lot more than you thought you would!


Thank you for reading.

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*Featured Image: Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash