Eco-Blog 1: Dawson Green Earth Club, Toothbrushes and Letters



Since my article on Ecology and I: A Journey Through Change, a lot of things happened (like finals, which explained why I couldn’t post in the time I wanted to). During the last few weeks, I have been actively seeking to find a way to make my presence felt in the environmental community.


Here is a summary of what I’ve been doing in my “journey through change” in order to become more conscious and involved in the preservation of Nature.

Green Earth Club


I found out about the existence of a green club at my college (Dawson College), called Dawson Green Earth Club. At first, I was looking for municipal organizations in Montreal but since I am only starting out as someone who wants to help reduce consumption and promote environmental awareness, I figured I should start looking more closely around me (like my school). Fortunately, I found the Green Earth Club, went to their club space and ended up going to their weekly meeting to discuss matters, projects, etc.  I even ended up going to their events and made a lot of acquaintances and meaningful connections!


People often forget how easy it is to get involved in a certain community. It doesn’t take much more than a “Hi, my name is (…) and I’m interested in what you’re doing”. From that point, everything kind of works itself out. A simple “hi” got me from nothing to attending two environmental events and actually becoming a part of a green club. If you are willing to help out nature and live in a better world, go out and seek for environmental clubs in your school, city, or even region. The Earth is in such a bad state that I’m pretty sure it won’t be hard to find a group that is actively seeking to 

Open Mic


Open Mic was a small talent show at Cafe Shaika serving as a fundraiser for Earth Justice, an organization that is kind of the Earth’s lawyer. They hire lawyers to defend environmental causes. You can read more about what they do and even give a bit of money if you can here. At the entrance, we also sold homemade lipsticks, soaps and bamboo toothbrushes (I bought a few of them myself) for the fundraiser. The atmosphere there was very cozy and warm; some artists came to sing, play an instrument, dance, narrate stories, do stand-up comedy and it was very inspiring to see everyone perform for a cause and gosh, we raised a lot of money! 


Since then, I’ve been brushing my teeth with a fully compostable and recycled bamboo toothbrush, applying lipstick made of bee’s wax and natural ingredients and knowing more about the organizations that help the Earth get better!


Open Mic Fundraising


Cafe Shaika Open Mic


Selling Handmade and eco-conscious material


Ingredients of materials

Letter writing for the environment


A few days later, I spent a Sunday night writing letters to MPs (members of parliament) with the Green Earth Club to raise awareness on environmental issues to municipalities, communities, etc. To give a bit of an idea, we wrote about consigning and taxing plastic water bottles in order to ensure that we reduce plastic consumption in our society. The good thing about letter writing is that is anyone can do it anywhere and writing one letter equals a recommendation/complaint/request from 100 people (an email equals 10)! This means that it is a lot more effective to write letters to make a change in our communities.


Furthermore, the person who receives a letter from you (whether it’s your mayor or whoever you wrote your letter to) is obliged to answer you back (if you ask her to, of course). If you live in a democratic country, asking for a change in the community is a right that you can exert free of charges (no need for stamps on your letter). So if you don’t have anything to do or simply seek to change the way things are in your community, write a letter. It’s free and effective! You can contact me if you want a Word document that explains in detail how to write a letter and that includes  research on what you can write on with facts and similar cases.


Insta Story on Letter Writting


All of this has been showcased on my Instagram Stories so don’t forget to follow me (you can do it here)! That’s it for now; my journey has just begun and I can’t wait to see what’s next! I hope my journey inspires you to start yours and I’ll see you guys next time!


Thank you for reading.

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