Smart Yet Casual Outfit For Concert

First Concert, Smart And Casual



I recently got the chance to attend Shawn Mendes’ Illuminate World Tour and how could I describe it..? For a first concert, light works were stunning, the crowd was extremely loud (confirmed by the hostess present in our lodge) and I got to watch one of my favorite pop singers, Charlie Puth, as a special guest for the tour.


A little picture of where I was: The Bell Sports Complex 

Considering the event, I went for a smart yet casual look, to nicely fit in the “Concert for fun” vibe. Plain black fitted shirt and grey trousers to stay in the neutrals, paired with a black belt and my favorites of the moment, Stan Smiths from Adidas.


Today’s look is exactly the in-between of both my business casual and simple yet trendy outfits. I combined casual and business together to form a smart-casual look.

Smart Yet Casual Outfit For ConcertSmart Yet Casual OutfitSmart Yet Casual Outfit Overview

What makes the outfit, in my opinion, is the fit. As always, I believe that fitted clothes will always make you look good. Added to the way I tucked my shirt in, I enhanced my smart vibe and overall silhouette (not to mention my tailored grey trousers, which slim my pretty big thighs). Dress shirts are not the only garments you should tuck in. Casual wear such as t-shirts can be tucked in to give a refined look when done correctly.


Additionally, I rolled up my trousers to the ankle to let my feet breath during summer nights and stay comfortable, even with pants on.


On another note, since my trousers have a herringbone pattern, going with a plain shirt creates a balance between the designs. Also, I applied here a simple rule I like to use: to always get lighter with colors as you get down. For instance, I went from a black shirt, to grey trousers to white sneakers: a nice neutral transition.


As for my accessories, my statement piece, a watch from The 5TH, offers a minimalistic yet modern take to my look (see how I matched the leather with my belt and watch?). Since I got it for my birthday, I keep wearing this watch because it just fits with every outfit I pull off.

5TH Watch Black Leather Strap

To finish off the look, I threw on some white sneakers to give a dressy yet casual mood to my smart-casual outfit. You can never go wrong with white.

White Stan Smith Sneakers

Shirt: Zara

Trousers: DEVRED 1902

Sneakers: Adidas

Belt: Perry Ellis

Watch: The 5TH


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