IKEACORP is offering up a new fashion item that is a bit like an Ikea garment bag.

The IKEACAORP (which stands for “Ikea for America”) brand’s “Guccifer” garment bag is a wearable version of the company’s own “Guess What” garment bags.

The bags, which have been available on the IKEa website since last week, come in three colors, red, black, and white.

The Guccifer is currently only available in black, but the company is working to expand its selection of colors.

The Guccifyrs feature a fabric and stitching that look similar to the fabric used on the company “Guac” garments.

The colorway is available in the $90 range.

Gucci, which has been a frequent target of IKEAS wrath due to its “Guppy” garment, has also released a limited-edition black Guccifier bag.

Guccifyr bags come in two sizes: $75 and $90.

IKEAA has also announced a Gucci “Guilty” colorway for the Guccifiers.

This week, IKECA announced a new line of Gucci accessories, which include a “Guice” fabric that comes in two colors.

The new colors are purple and orange, with a “guice” logo on each.

IHEB has also updated its Gucci apparel line with Gucci Gucci shoes.


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