The rule of thumb is that garment boxes are for things that can be found at a store and can be purchased.

That means, the more items you can fit in a box, the easier it is to sell it.

However, there are some rules about what is acceptable.1.

No clothing items that are larger than 4.5″ in width or less2.

No more than one piece of clothing per garment box3.

Clothing items should be washed within three days of purchase.4.

Do not place clothing in boxes that are already full of other items, such as shoes, clothes, and accessories.5.

When possible, avoid boxes that do not have a window to the outside.

For example, it is acceptable to put clothes into a box in the middle of a sunny day and then put them outside when the sun sets.

If you have more than four items, you must remove them and store them in the box.6.

Avoid boxes with an attached door, such a door frame, window, or panel that cannot be removed and must remain closed.7.

Do NOT place clothing items in boxes with holes in them.

For instance, a box with holes on the sides and bottom of it would be considered a box.8.

Do ensure that items that have been worn by other people are not placed in the boxes.

If an item is worn by another person, that person will not be allowed to place that item into the box until they return it.9.

Do follow any instructions for storing items that may have been taken from boxes.

For examples of this, see rule 7.7 above.10.

Keep all clothes that you use for clothing and accessories in the same box.

If they are not already in the room, you can place them in a container.11.

Avoid placing clothing in a closet.12.

Keep clothing boxes and their contents separate from other items.13.

Do keep clothing boxes separated from clothing items.14.

When placing clothing items, keep the box in a separate area.

For Example, keep boxes separate from clothing, but still inside the clothing box.15.

Do remove clothing from clothing boxes before leaving them in their own boxes.16.

Keep clothes boxes away from other clothing items and other items in the space they are placed in.17.

Do dispose of clothing boxes that have items on them, such that they cannot be used again.18.

If clothes are placed into boxes, put them in with a trash can, plastic garbage bag, or other container.19.

If clothing items are placed inside clothing boxes, place them into a garbage can.20.

Do leave clothing boxes in a room that is not occupied.

For Examples, leave clothing box in an unused restroom, unused bathroom, or trash can in a basement, or use them in your office or on your desk.21.

Do check to make sure the box is securely closed before leaving it in the home.

For More Information:The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is an independent agency of the United States government.

It is responsible for the administration and enforcement of federal labor laws.

The DOL has published its Labor Rules for Use in the Home and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) for the home and for workplaces.

The DOL rules include the following:These are the rules for using the DOL’s guidelines:The rules are published by the D.C. Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE).

For more information about the rules, please see the OSHA website.


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