A new dyes company says it has created a machine that will make your clothes last longer.

Dyed Sweatshirt is making a garment that is machine-dyed.

It uses natural fibers and heat to remove dirt and bacteria from the garment.

Dyeing makes it last longer and makes it more breathable.

It’s also cheaper to produce and it can be dyed in a number of colors.

“Dyeing is a process that has been around for a long time, and it’s just something that’s getting better and better and really is taking off in popularity,” said Rob Burtch, co-founder of the company.

He says people are interested in wearing more colors, and now there are two companies making dyes for it.

“There’s no shortage of options right now,” Burtk said.

“So you have the dyes that are for men and women, the dies for men that are more of a fashion item, and then you have those that are dyed for the home,” he said.

Dye your clothes at home and keep them in styleThe company makes its dyes in the United States and in several countries, including India.

It sells them to retailers for around $40 to $50 per kilo, which is cheaper than traditional dyeing.

But it does have some limitations.

“One of the big ones is it’s hard to dye garments that you’ve got on your person, or your shirt, or clothes that are going to be in a garage,” said Burtcch.

Dyshadow is one of the dirts that Burtnch uses.

It is a natural color dye that can be used in your fabric, and you can use it to dye in fabrics and clothes.

“The dyes are very, very versatile,” said Mark Lippert, the company’s CEO.

“It can be for garments that are worn on the go or you can wear on a daily basis.

You can dye it as a wash, it can even be applied to clothes and make them look like they’re made of the same material,” he added.

The company also sells dyes to make products like sweaters.

The product is easy to use.

Just take the dye, mix it with water and pour it into your fabric.

Then you add it to your fabric and apply a coat.

You can also use it on clothing that is not dyed.

Just add the dye to a fabric, apply it to the fabric and spray it on, it will make the fabric absorb dye.

It also has a little twist to it.

For those of you that are not used to using a machine to dye things, you will need to adjust your settings before using it.

It is not the only dyes out there, but it is the first one to come from the company and they have raised $1.5 million from a number that include Google Ventures, Google Ventures Fund, and the Carlyle Group.


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