The world’s most popular fashion label has been making headlines in recent years, but it’s not the first brand to make headlines for the wrong reasons.

Here’s a look at some of the more bizarre fashion trends of the past year.

First, a little history:In 2010, fashion designer Prada released a pair of handbags that had a strange design.

The bags were called “The Prada Handbag,” after the brand’s founder, the late French designer Georges Prada.

It featured a black, leather bag, and a black handbag underneath the handbag, a style that became known as the “Velvet-Chin Bag.”

The bags were sold for $5,000, and the designer claimed they were inspired by Prada’s “unique” style of handbag design.

That was, until a woman saw the handbags and began tweeting about them, and it became known that the bags were not authentic.

Then in 2013, luxury label Gucci launched a line of men’s underwear called the “Men’s Bands.”

The products, which were released in early 2014, were inspired in part by the Prada collection, and featured “Vintage Gucci.”

(The label was owned by Italy’s Gucci Group until 2015.)

The name of the line was “Men and Boys,” and it was named after a famous, Italian-American artist, Gucci himself.

The line was quickly taken down after the public started questioning the authenticity of the designs, and some women said they had never seen a man’s underwear before.

The controversy wasn’t the only time the brand was in hot water.

In 2016, a video of an artist performing a song by Prince went viral, after he made a disparaging remark about fashion designer Gucci, saying, “You know, I think he should’ve gone to a mall and bought a new pair of shoes instead of a pair.”

Prince’s music was criticized by other artists for promoting “disrespectful” behavior.


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