You probably don’t need to shop at a department store.

You don’t have to pay $300 for a pair of pants.

And if you don’t mind getting a little extra, you can always shop online.

But the NFL has a different take on where you buy your gear.

And the league’s latest partnership with Amazon, which has a big catalog of apparel, makes it easier to find the right pieces for your football season.

And with a new NFL apparel partnership with the Amazon Prime Video service, you get access to more than 1,000 items of apparel for the rest of the season.

So if you’re shopping for a season jacket, the first item you’ll see is a pair that Amazon has made available for $99.99.

It’s a white, fitted-leg jacket with the NFL logo sewn into the front, and a matching white/blue color scheme.

(Amazon says the jacket is also available for a cheaper price in a black/white option, but that is not part of the current agreement.)

The other item on the list is a leather jacket that is made by Nike for $250.

It is a lightweight jacket that has a built-in fleece lining, and it comes with a belt loop for your wallet.

The leather is very soft, and the belt loops are adjustable, so you can wear it while you work out or play pickup basketball.

And the last item on this list is the “Super Sleeve” jacket.

This jacket is made of a soft, stretchy material that can be worn underneath a shirt, pants, or even under a shirt with a zipper.

It has an open front and a slit at the bottom, and comes with an adjustable collar and a zipper closure.

If you want to know more about the NFL apparel partners, including the prices, and other details, head to this link: NFL also has a “Luxury” section in its website, with a list of top-selling items for each season.

In the first two categories, the NFL is selling jackets for $100, but the third category, which includes football jerseys, has a lot more expensive jackets.

(In the third column, the number indicates the price per pair.)

The top three jackets in the Luxury section include:A.

A white, padded, leather, and fleece jacket from Nike for about $220.

The Nike jacket comes with the Nike logo sewed into the chest, a belt pouch, and an adjustable shoulder strap.


A black/gray Nike jacket with a built in fleece and a belt and shoulder strap for $125.

The jacket has a black color scheme and is made in-house by Nike.


A gray Nike jacket, with adjustable shoulder straps and built in waterproof fabric for about 100 dollars more.

The fabric is made from synthetic, and Nike has added a zipper on the side for extra comfort.


A lightweight Nike jacket for $85.

The jackets have a built on waist belt loop and are made in house by Nike and feature a built ins pocket.


A brown Nike jacket made in Italy with a lightweight fleece, built on a shoulder strap, and adjustable shoulder and chest straps for about 70 dollars more, with no zip or shoulder straps.


A blue Nike jacket from Levi’s for about 80 dollars more with a pocket.


A dark gray Nike Jacket from Levi for $70.

The hood has a zip and a shoulder belt loop.


A leather jacket made by adidas for about 45 dollars more and features adjustable shoulder loops.


A navy blue Nike Jacket made in Germany with a padded, waterproof, and built-on belt loop from Nike.


A pair of Nike Athletic Shoes from the NFL for about 50 dollars more at the Nike retail store.