The priestly garment is the symbol of the priesthood.

It has a red stripe through the center, with the word “Priest” embroidered across the top.

It is the traditional vestment of priests in many cultures.

However, there is a growing movement to take away priests’ pants and make them more modestly fitted and tailored.

A recent study conducted by the International Association of Archdiocesan Archbishops found that only 2 percent of the bishops surveyed thought priests should wear pants.

The bishops say priests should have more freedom to wear what they want to wear and that they should not be forced to wear something they don’t want.

But not everyone is buying into the argument that priests should stop wearing pants.

Some people don’t care about the pants issue, but believe it is important to make the garments more modest.

They think it would make a difference if priests wore less of them, but others believe pants should be worn at all times.

“I think that we should be more modest,” said John H. Williams, a priest from Colorado.

“Pants are just an accessory, not a requirement for priestly ministry.

We’re going to have to find the best way to accommodate everyone.”

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