When you buy clothes at the supermarket or clothing store in the city of Chhattisgarh, you can expect to pay about Rs 50 to Rs 80 per garment bag.

However, if you are a consumer in the state, you might be paying more.

According to the latest survey by The Business Intelligence, the average monthly retail price of cloth and fabric garments in the capital Kolkata is Rs 3,527, and the average price of a garment bag in the district of Chhatisgarhi is Rs 5,638.

The study, conducted by Business Intelligence and Nielsen India, also shows that, out of the total value of the clothing and accessories produced in the country, only about 50 per cent of it is sold in the market.

In terms of the price of the garment bag itself, the study shows that it sells for Rs 2,973, but only Rs 3.25 per garment and Rs 3 per garment pocket, the prices of which are around Rs 2 lakh and Rs 1 lakh, respectively.

In comparison, the cotton garment bag sold for Rs 1,898 and the garment under the toga sold for a measly Rs 2.25.

The study also reveals that the value of each piece of cloth sold in Kolkatal is Rs 1.72 lakh.

According the survey, there are two types of cloth bags, the cloth and the fabric.

The textile bags, which are used by both men and women, are typically made of wool or cotton.

The fabric bag, however, is made of cotton.

According Nielsen, in a recent survey conducted by the company, it found that there were 1.9 million women and 2.2 million men in the population of Chhathur in Kolar district.

These figures have been reported to be higher than the overall population of Kolar.

The data showed that the overall number of textile bag users in the world is 2.6 million, but in Krol, the number of bag users is about 675,000.

In Chhathi and Kolar, there is an increasing number of consumers, but it is mostly middle class and upper class.

According to Nielsen, out-of-towner’s spend on apparel is about $30 per garment, while those from outside the city are spending between $2,000 and $4,000 per garment.

In addition, there were about 8 lakh people in the town of Kolkatsa, according to the report.