Israel has banned female golfers from entering the country’s borders, a decision that was made after a recent spate of deaths and injuries.

The decision was made on Wednesday after a woman in Israel’s Beit Shemesh region fell to her death in a golf cart accident.

The Ministry of Health said the ministry would issue a decision on Friday on whether to ban the sport.

In March, a woman died and a woman and a man were injured when a car went off a cliff in the Negev Desert. 

The ministry said in a statement that the ministry “has received reports of the tragic death of a female golfer in Israel” and the Ministry of Public Health was “currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the death.”

The ministry also said it would issue “a decision on whether the ban should remain in place.” 

The move follows a spate of fatalities in recent years, which included a 21-year-old woman who died in August after falling from a cliff on the Golan Heights.

A man in a wheelchair who was paralyzed after falling off a bridge in September was also killed. 

 Israelis tend to be cautious around golf.

The sport has been banned in the country for nearly 20 years, following a 2013 ruling that it violated the rules of the game. 

In a statement issued by the ministry, the ministry said that while the decision to ban women from entering was made based on information about the recent death of an Israeli, “the ban will not apply to all female athletes participating in golf, including women who are not affiliated with the Israel Golf Association.” 

Golfers are typically paid a fee, typically around $10 to $20 per round, and a golf course has also been designed specifically to allow women to participate. 

While women are not required to wear a hijab, they are generally prohibited from wearing the headscarf in public, and they are prohibited from going to golf courses unless accompanied by a male guardian.


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