Ecology and I: A Journey Through Change



We cannot continue like this. It is time to change our behavior.


It was a Monday night, during supper, when my dad brought up an article about how over 15000 scientists agreed upon the alarming state of our planet and how crucial it is to act now and with bigger efforts than before in order to avoid the death of our planet happen. 


Unfortunately, this is not news to me. In my old high school, the education program featured all kinds of exams and essays about the environment, showing us how much damage there already is on our planet and how we can help it get better. To be honest, I’m pretty sure you heard about it too.


When I was exposed to all that matter, I felt like I had to change. All the facts thrown at us, students, made it hard for us to ignore it. But I mean, the Earth doesn’t look that bad, we still have time, right? Wrong. We are already caught up in a cycle that is irreversible and all we can do is make it less bad.


This problematic of international range cannot be ignored and actions must be taken today, now, immediately. However, nobody takes considerable actions in order to do so (I’m at fault too for this kind of behavior). We all think it won’t happen because it doesn’t look like we’re facing real danger here. We wake up every day, thinking nothing has changed and that we should all be carefree and live our lives.


The discussion I had that Monday woke me up again, making me understand that now is not the time to slack off. It sparkled inside me a desire to change things and ultimately be able to make our planet a better place for us and the future generations.


As of now, we’re going through a downslope that is critical. We cannot afford to live the way we lived until now. I know, as a matter of fact, that I’m ready to change the way I behave, act, and consume.




The purpose of this blog post is to announce the beginning of a “journey” I will be starting today, November 19th. I will update here and there how this journey is going, in hope of inspiring some of you to do the same, if you aren’t already.


My ultimate goal, to be honest, is to become an influencer. For that matter, I want to be able to influence in a good way; I want to convey meaningful messages in order to mobilize and inspire people to do the same.


My bi-monthly (that is the schedule I’ll try to keep) update for this segment will contain all the news and information I will acquire since the previous post: what I’ve been doing so far, what we can do to improve our situation, what is actually happening to our planet, etc.


For the next 2 weeks, I will try to gather as much information on the state of our environment in order to have a better insight into our situation and how we can involve ourselves.


See you in two weeks!


Thank you for reading.

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