Low-maintenance fashion: Your New Best Friend?


We all live a busy life, in which time is crucial. Dressing then seems more like a chore than something enjoyable. Let me help you dress well fast and with minimum care by introducing you to low-maintenance fashion.


Whether you are a student or a full-time worker, we often find ourselves not having enough time to think about our outfits, where we end up dressing last minute and looking like nothing. Especially as a college student, I often find myself picking the first clothing items I find and throw them on without a second thought.


This article, dear busy reader, is for you. I gathered for you a few points you should focus on in order to look good all the time, even when you don’t have time to care!


The advice I am giving you in this article will help you choose outfits lightning fast and limit the time you allocate to clothing maintenance. Now, without further ado, shall we begin?


Fit is key


The secret to looking sharp is to wear fitted clothes. Want to look good in a shirt? Fitted shirts. In a jean? Fitted jeans. In a suit? Fitted suits.


The same applies to casual wear: hoodies, joggers, sweatpants, jackets, etc. I see a lot of guys wearing hoodies and joggers in college and sometimes, they look better than guys that wear sloppy dress shirts or jeans. Yes, if it is fitted, even a hoodie + jogger look can be a killer outfit.


Focus on the fit of your clothes and you will never have to worry about whether the clothes make you look good or not. (Below is my take on an athleisure outfit with a hoodie and sweatpants)


Jogger + Hoodie look

Embrace black clothes


We probably all have a phase in our life where our closet just turns black. Well, fortunately, black has its advantages.


First, it’s a “color” that is very hard to stain. For that matter, you won’t have to be as careful as if you were to wear white or pale colored garments (that doesn’t mean you won’t have to wash black clothes at all, even black must be washed)


Second, black matches with everything. Have you ever seen a color that doesn’t match with black? Yeah, that’s my point. Black is super versatile and you can pretty much wear anything with it. For example, a black pair of jeans can be worn with pretty much any top. Black shoes can be worn with almost any outfit, and so on.


For low maintenance fashion, black is the way to go!


Have a matching color palette


In the same mindset as “black matches with everything”, colors play a big part in an outfit if you want to look well put-together. For that matter, having a matching and consistent color palette is a must if you’re a low-maintenance fashionista.


If you read my article on how to find your own style, you probably know what I mean about “your color palette”. The point here is to keep that palette consistent.


For instance, I wear a lot of grey/navy/burgundy and their different tones (navy-blue/ burgundy-red/ dark and light grey, etc). I always stay in my color palette when I shop new clothes and that makes putting up outfits a lot easier. To illustrate that, my go-to color combos are: navy-grey / burgundy-grey/ red-navy/ blue-grey/ etc. I can match almost everything together because my palette is consistent and matching.


Invest in versatile pieces


Again, the main focus on low-maintenance fashion is to be able to pair everything in your closet together to minimize the time you take to think through an outfit.


In that regard, there are a few pieces every man should have in his wardrobe. Also called “basics”, these pieces are the foundation to your wardrobe and I can’t stress enough how important they are.


Those basics will be the core of your outfits and they are super versatile. A few example of basics are: black skinny jeans, a nice white dress shirt, white sneakers, dark denim jeans, a nice watch, and so on. Let me know if you want a list of men’s basic pieces on social media and I’ll be glad to dress a list in a future blog post!


The more basics you own, the easier it will be to construct outfits and be ready to go as fast as you can!


Don’t be afraid to layer


Especially when you live in a cold area, you can use some creativity and use clothes you already own to pull out new outfits. Instead of having to purchase a nice expensive coat, you can layer your clothes to keep yourself warm during cold months.


If you followed the previous steps, layering clothes should be a piece of cake. All you have to do is start with a thin layer of clothing and build up with thicker and bigger garments. A grey hoodie and a white elongated shirt, for example, are a solid combination that goes well with any jacket or coat you may already own.


Combining together simple pieces can make up for a complex looking outfit. For example, one day, I wore a plain shirt with my denim jacket. It looked ordinary. But once I wore a grey hoodie underneath, the compliments kept flowing and I felt good about my outfit!


Sometimes, it only takes a bit of creativity to pull out great outfits. No shopping required; just a split second of a thought can get your fit to another level.


Buy quality clothes


This aspect is more for the people that can’t spend much time to think through their outfits and is willing to spend a bit more to look good effortlessly.


Obviously, fashion is high-maintenance in general if you want to look clean and well-put. Ironing shirts, washing, cleaning stains, putting protecting sprays, spending a lot of time shopping, etc, etc.


If you want to avoid all that, you can spend extra income and get yourself useful garments like non-iron shirts. If your shirts don’t wrinkle, that’s a potential 5-10 minutes you save yourself everytime you wear dress shirts.


Furthermore, quality pieces will last you a lot longer than cheap clothing, which can help you shop less and keep a killer wardrobe for a long time.


Quality clothing



You can up your low-maintenance fashion game by following these points:


  • Wear fitted clothing
  • Invest in black clothing
  • Match your color palette
  • Look for versatile clothing pieces
  • Start to think about layering
  • Buy quality clothing


Once you knock down all these elements, dressing well will be a matter of seconds! You can use the time you save to focus on other things than dressing. Fashion has never been that easy, I’m telling you!


Thank you for reading.


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