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For amateur photographers, buying a 1000$ camera seems like quite a risky purchase. If you are like me, you will want to find a cheaper alternative first.


If you are, like me, not sure about whether you should invest in a professional camera or not, I have a cheap alternative for you: an accessory that enables you to take professional pictures without breaking the bank


I recently ordered on Amazon a Cell Phone Camera Lens by TURATA (“a 2 in 1 Professional HD Camera Lens Kit”). I’m going to show you a quick simple review of it so that you can see for yourself whether a cell phone lens is what you need or not! 

TURATA Cell Phone Lense Kit

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The lenses come in a small box, containing in addition a small black pouch (to carry your lenses everywhere you go) and a small cloth to clean your lenses when they get dirty.


Small Cloth For Phone Lense           Small Black Pouch for Phone Lense


As for the lenses, you have two options when it comes to taking pictures. The default lens is the wide-angle lens. By simply loosening the lenses apart, you get the macro lens.  


Unscrewing the lenses          Both macro and wide angle lenses

This screw mechanic makes the change between the wide-angle and macro lens a lot easier and faster.


By the help of a clip that you attach to the lens, you get to easily clip on your item onto your phone, whether it’s on the front or back camera. If you have a phone case, you don’t have to worry about it. The overall quality of the camera will remain unaffected.


Clipping all this to your phone might look bulky and heavy, but it isn’t, trust me. As it is written in the description of the item on Amazon, the whole kit weighs around 95 grams.  The lenses, as seen on the sale page, look big but honestly, if you try it out for yourself, you’ll see that they aren’t as big as they seem. I was surprised by how small the lenses were compared to the examples and thankfully, they are small enough to be carried everywhere without being a bother.


For everything content-wise, there’s nothing you really need besides what comes with the kit (except maybe a tripod, review coming soon). Everything is easy to use and even a photography amateur like me could use it without confusion. Therefore, photography amateurs, do not worry! Now, let’s get into the performance of the lenses.




Wide angle lens


The wide-angle lens increases the default angle of your regular phone. Since an image is worth a thousand words, I’ll let the pictures I took of a park near my school with the lens speak for itself. Below are pictures I took with and without the wide-angle lens.


Wide Angle Lense Shot

With the Wide Angle Lens

Normal Park Shot

Without The Wide Angle Lens

Portrait photo of the wide angle

Portrait photo with the wide angle

Wide Angle On The Front Camera

Wide Angle on the Front Camera

Without The Wide Angle

Without the Wide Angle


To be honest, I wasn’t really impressed by the wide-angle lens since it didn’t really add more quality to my camera, which was what I was mainly looking for (maybe a wide-angle wasn’t what I should’ve bought…).


Nonetheless, the wide-angle lens does its job very well. The camera’s angle is noticeably wider and you can include more elements in your shot from your scenery, without compromising the quality of your pictures. Front or back, both cameras of your phone can enjoy the wide-angle lens!


However, the distortions created by the lens makes every portrait pictures and selfies , in my opinion, unfit to those kinds of photography. Nonetheless, as you could see from both pictures of the park and my selfies, taken from the same distance, you get a much broader picture with the wide-angle lens. Ideal for group pictures, this lens will enable you to not miss a single detail from the scenery you want to photograph. Furthermore, it might avoid you from having to make some sloppy panoramic pictures (if your hands shake and you’re clumsy like me, you should understand).


Giving a new take to my phone’s camera is definitely refreshing and opens up a door of possibilities to my future shots, without spending hundreds of dollars on a camera!


Macro lens


The macro lens enables you to enlarge your camera and take pictures from very close without losing focus nor quality. This one enlarges the default camera and enables you to catch every single detail of small objects. I tested the lens on a little flower I found in the park. Both from the same distance, you can see how the macro lens focuses on the flower and how the default camera doesn’t.


Macro Lense Shot

With The Macro Lens

Shot without the macro Lense

Without The Macro Lens

Macro lense on the front camera       Macro lense on the front camera

The macro lens, to my big surprise, fitted perfectly my expectations. Used for shots that are taken from a very close distance, the macro lens successfully captures objects by both focusing on the object (and not on the background like my normal phone would do) and not letting out a single detail.


With my normal phone camera, it is very hard to focus on a certain object taken from up close. No matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t work. With the macro lens, the job is handled easily with astounding results. As you can notice, the focus is not where I want it on the last picture. However, the macro lens corrects it perfectly.


For the front camera, the macro lens doesn’t do miracles. Except to see my skin imperfections from close and in high-definition, I think the macro lens does its best job on the back camera.




I’m actually pretty satisfied with this purchase. For my student budget, the lenses are very affordable and the quality is very good. With all the items that the kit contain, you have all your pennies worth. Both lenses do an amazing job as for taking pictures with the back camera. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like the front camera benefits from this purchase. Overall, I definitely recommend this kit for photography beginners like me.


For as cheap as 17.49$, you can purchase this cell phone lens kit that will instantly improve your mobile photography game!. 17.49$ to give a completely different take to your cell phone pictures? The bargain is pretty good if you want my opinion. You don’t spend hundreds of dollars for a camera and you get to take pictures that look professional with your phone. Honestly, especially with that macro lens, I feel like my phone’s camera game got up.


Both affordable and useful, I don’t regret buying the kit and neither will you! Amateurs of Instagram, the cell phone lens can be the first step to a marvelous feed that everyone will notice (Follow me on Instagram for weekly posts). Shop it here!


Thank you for reading.

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