Mulberry’s has said it will offer £10 a day to women in exchange, which will be used to cover the cost of clothes and to help cover the costs of cleaning.

The retailer, which has a turnover of £100 million, said it would not be able to offer the same amount to men, because men tend to buy less clothes.

But it said it was willing to give away £100 to women, in exchange of clothes, as long as they kept their own personal space.

Mulberrys, which was founded in 1881 and has branches in Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol, has been a target of social media users who have criticised the retailer’s behaviour, with one user tweeting: “How dare you?

I can’t help but feel like your customers are underpaid”.

MULBERRYS SAYS IT WILL NOT BE ABLE TO OFFER THE EQUIVALENT SAME SALARY TO MEN Mulberries said it has always had a zero-tolerance policy towards sexism and harassment.

It said it is not the first retailer to offer a £10 discount to women but has made it clear it will not be the first to offer this type of offer to men.

“We have a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, and have taken steps to address this.

In addition, we have a team of women who are in charge of our social media, marketing and social media teams,” it said.

We are committed to ensuring our employees feel valued, respected and valued for who they are and what they do.

“MULTI-LEVEL REDUCTION FOR MEN AND WOMEN In the past year, Mulberry has introduced discounts on its men’s and women’s clothing.

At Mulberry, men’s men’s shirts will be £7.50, women’s men-shirts will be 15% cheaper and women will get an additional £5 off their women’s items.

A $50 discount on men’s boots and trousers will be extended to men until March 2019, and women from January 2019.

Men will be able pay the equivalent of £2 more for women’s shoes and women are eligible for free delivery on footwear.

Women will also be able buy a $100 discount on women’s hair products from February 2019. 

The retailer said it did not want to encourage sexism by introducing this policy, but added: “We recognise that women who shop online, or online at the supermarket, are more likely to be harassed.”

This is why we have put this offer in place.”

‘YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL’ MULBERS has been criticised by the Women’s Centre of Greater Liverpool, which said Mulberry had a “zero tolerance” policy towards women. 

It said the offer would only be available to women and women should be careful not to shop online.

There has also been criticism of the move, with a petition to force Mulberry to implement the scheme, which gained over 1,000 signatures, has gained over 200,000 signatories.

IT’S A BIG PROBLEM TO TRY MULTIBALL, which is a leading charity in helping people to find work, said the initiative was “a huge problem to try to get people to join the workforce.”

I think it’s very disappointing that the retailer is offering this discount, but that’s the problem, not Mulberry itself,” it added.

This is the first time the retailer has offered such a discount to customers, it said, adding that the offer was “inherently unfair”.

IT DOESN’T SEEM LIKE IT WOULD BE THE LAST IT SAYS It has been the subject of many complaints from women’s groups and women who have spoken out on social media about the retailer. 

Mum-of-three Sarah Black, a former secretary for the Women and Equalities Committee, said: “I find it incredibly upsetting that the store is offering a discount that will make me feel uncomfortable.

I think Mulberry should be doing more to offer more value to women than men, and that would be something to celebrate.

“The charity has been in touch with Mulberry about the offer and said it expected to hear back from the retailer soon. 

But it also said the discount is a “big problem to get going” and suggested the retailer “consider how it can make a positive change”. 

The company’s director of retail, Claire Bancroft, said in a statement: “Mulroy has been an industry leader for years in delivering innovative products and services, and we recognise that many women use online shopping to make ends meet.”

We know that women and men alike are frustrated with the lack of affordable and high quality work-life balance products at our stores and we are committed for the future to deliver the best shopping experience for everyone.” 



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