Trouser Lookbook: 3 Looks, No Blazer!

Trouser Lookbook: 3 Looks, No Blazer!

  The dressiest and most formal weapon of a man’s closet: the matching blazer-trouser combo, a.k.a the suit. It makes you look good and enhances your silhouette when done properly.

How To: The Man's Shirt Explained For You

How To: The Man’s Shirt Explained For You

  Seemingly simple and underestimated from menswear, the t-shirt is a simple yet killer garment. Worn all year-long, the “tee” is THE foundation to every man’s wardrobe.

Smart Yet Casual Outfit For Concert

First Concert, Smart And Casual

  I recently got the chance to attend Shawn Mendes’ Illuminate World Tour and how could I describe it..? For a first concert, light works were stunning, the crowd was extremely loud (confirmed by the hostess present in our lodge) and I got to watch one of my favorite pop singers, Charlie Puth, as a special guest for the tour.

Back To School: Simple Yet Trendy Outfit

Back To School: Simple Yet Trendy

  We all love a good casual outfit for the weekend, looking nice effortlessly. With school starting soon, I thought I’d show you an outfit you could rock during your school year!