Dare To Be Different: Follow-Up On Statement Pieces

Dare To Be Different: Follow-Up On Statement Pieces



“Statement pieces are nice, but how can I dare wear them without looking like I’m trying too hard?”


Prior to my previous article on Statement Pieces and what you need to know about them, a friend came up with a good question.


Last time, I covered what statement pieces are, how to find your own and how to wear them. However, I didn’t explain how to dare wear a statement piece!


I mean, it makes total sense to ask yourself this question. Making a statement means to convey a message specific to you and only you. Being unique and different is then immediately associated with standing out of the crowd.


To some, being different and standing out can be stressful. Not everyone can deal with all the attention directed to them. For that reason, here a few tips from me and Manija, a women’s fashion and everyday-life blogger, to help you become comfortable with your statement piece(s)!

Your mindset


This fear of being unique and different mostly comes from the fact that you are not in the right mindset. You certainly feel like you must conform somehow to the society and look like everyone, or else you will either be rejected or criticized upon. I can’t blame anyone for that, I felt the same before (and sometimes still do)!


The thing is, you don’t owe anyone anything nor should their negative opinion matter to you. You don’t have to conform. You don’t have to listen to haters. Haters don’t want you to succeed or look your best. You know who does? You, and that is all that matters. If you want to wear something, just do it! If you love what you wear, don’t be afraid to show your love for it.


To conform means to suppress your individuality in order to fit in. Do you want to fit in? If the answer is yes, then this post is not for you. This post is directed to those of you that answered no. Wearing statement pieces is all about expressing your personality and character through your clothes. If you think your outfit is pure fire and it represents you like nothing else does, then do it. Don’t question yourself, just do it!

Get used to it


Fashion is a sea and we are all creatures that want to be fishes. The very first time you try to swim in a sea, chances are the waters are very cold. You have to get used to the waters for you to be able to swim. Wearing statement pieces is exactly this; you have to get used to it.


There are a few ways for you to adapt to wearing statement pieces. One of them is to overdress sometimes. It doesn’t have anything to do with statement pieces, it’s just a matter of standing out and test your confidence. When you go out to an event, slightly overdress. Wear things that make you stand out, without breaking the dress code (because the dress code is sacred; never break the dress code). I went to school in suit trousers, a dress shirt and dress shoes (for a photoshoot after class but the point is still valid). Did I feel overdressed? Hell yeah, we’re talking about school! But it’s a great way to attract the eyes of the crowd and learn how to deal with it.


overdressed me

(yes, I dressed like that for school)


Being used to having eyes on you and having confidence is the key to pulling off statement pieces. You do not want to “look” like you’re trying too hard. You want to look like you own these pieces, like even someone who’s trying hard cannot be as good as you. These pieces are a part of you, so rock ’em!


If you feel uncomfortable pulling off flashy clothes, go subtle first instead. Try something minimal and discreet, but not plain and bland. A good way to go subtly is to be minimal. The less details, the less flashy. However, less doesn’t mean boring. It just means that the small details strike harder instead of wearing an amalgam of details that scream “Look at me!”.


Another way to stand out without seeming out of place is to wear alternatives of mainstreams. For instance, look at the Timberlands’ construction boots: the beige ones are really popular in winter as you can probably notice if you live in a cold place. Instead of buying the beige ones, you can buy the brown leather ones or the black alternative! That way, you can still have Timberlands’ construction boots, but they aren’t the same as everyone’s.


What you should aim for is to get yourself used to wearing statement pieces. The way you proceed to reach that goal is totally up to you. Just don’t forget to have fun and enjoy fashion!

Tips from Manija


Manija Mir-Hasan, at Her’s, is a women’s fashion and everyday life blogger. As I firmly believe that men can learn from women in fashion, and vice-versa, I thought she was clearly the go-to person to address this question since she featured on her own blog a few edgy outfits that I thought fitted perfectly the purpose of this post. Here’s what she replied when I asked her the question “How do you dare to wear statement pieces?”:


“Personally, I think it’s really about how much you love fashion, dressing up and also how confident and comfortable you are in your skin. It’s  important to really love the statement piece because if you really love it, then you will feel a lot more confident and happy while wearing it.


And for me, what makes me dare to wear bolder pieces sometimes is the fact that when you look around, most people are dressed the same and follow the same trends you see everywhere on social media. For example, if you just observe at school you might see 70% of the people around you wearing those white and black vans sneakers or really common brands like Adidas and Nike because that’s what’s in right now, and although they are really nice brands and shoes, at some point it just gets boring to see them everywhere and you don’t even notice them anymore.


So in my opinion, it’s really the love you have for fashion that will make you dare to wear something different because there is so much more than what we see. It’s also a great way to sort of step out of those standards and being yourself if that statement piece represents who you are on top of it.


As for ways you can wear statement pieces without feeling uncomfortable I’d suggest keeping everything else very simple. For instance, if your coat is really bold and has cool colorful patterns, then you can keep the rest of your outfit very clean. If it’s the style of the piece that is bold like, my combat boots, for example, (they almost look gothic and very edgy), you can integrate other pieces into your outfit that go against that gothic edgy style, like wearing a very simple and elegant sheer blouse or wear it with a floral silk dress. That way, the outfit won’t appear as aggressive as if you would have opted for black ripped jeans and leather coat.


But in general, no matter the style of the statement piece or the pattern, I think if you pick the rest of your outfit around neutral colours, your look will be a lot more balanced out. But above all my main advice is to start small. As you build more confidence, you can make your style bolder and bolder because statement pieces are all about owning them and wearing them with your head high. At the end, you shouldn’t care about what other people think because at least you’re different and not just following trends because everyone else is.”


Obviously, Manija is able to pull off quite bold looks and she clearly nails them! She allowed me to use some of her outfit pictures (thank you, Manija) to give you some ideas as to how to wear bold outfits and still look quite natural. Here are my two personal favorites, in which Manija incorporates black leather combat boots in an outfit, and a pink furry coat in another look!


Manija Combat Boot outfit


Manija Combat Boot


Manija Statement Coat Outfit


Manija Statement Coat Outfit 2

Wrap up


To be more comfortable wearing statement pieces, you should try to;


  • Change your mindset: tell yourself you’re worth it and nobody can tell you what to do
  • Learn how to get comfortable with eyes on you: slightly overdress to get accustomed to being different
  • Start with subtle pieces first and go bolder as you get more comfortable
  • Tone your pieces out to maintain an overall balance in your outfits
  • Dare to be different


Fashion is all about expressing yourself. There are so many things you can try and there is such a variety of style out there that it is hard to not find something that makes you happy. Have fun wearing nice clothes and don’t forget to stay true to yourself.


Thank you for reading.

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Featured Image and my outfit picture taken by: Jeanne Larochelle

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