The most dangerous team in the Premier League has a new leader in charge. 

After the departure of the iconic Filson garments for a range of other brands, the Premier league will now be led by a brand new brand. 

The new brand will be the Filson Armoury, which is owned by the British company. 

They are also introducing new shirts and shorts for the league. 

There will be some new players to the team but the biggest name is probably a brand name and that’s the new goalkeeper. New coach David Pleat has promised to get his new players used to wearing Filson armour, and he will also be introducing new players into the dressing room. 

A spokesman for Filson said the brand had been “exhausted” by the Premier leaguers departure. 

“We’re delighted to announce the formation of a new team for the 2017-18 season, with the first team featuring the world-famous Filson brand and the goalkeeper,” the spokesman said. 

According to the spokesman, the team will be led, for the first time in the history of the Premier Leaguers, by a Filson Arsenal player. 

When asked about the new shirt and shorts, the spokesman was quoted by the BBC as saying: “There are some great brand new shirts for the players to wear this season, but unfortunately there’s no new shorts for us.” 

In other Premier League news, the FA is to ban the wearing of the new “Hamburg City” football jersey as part of a wider crackdown on the sport’s poor image. 

In a statement, the organisation said it would “suspend all non-essential contact” with players from the Hamburg-based club as part “of a comprehensive programme to eliminate the sport from its image and reputation”. 

The Football Association will have to pay fines for using a new “hamburg city” football shirt which features a giant Hamburg skyline on the front. 

Hamburgh City have been fined a total of £3.9m (€5.2m) by the FA for using the new logo. 

However, the shirt is likely to remain in use for the upcoming season, and the FA said it was reviewing the decision. 

Meanwhile, the club have also been fined £4,000 for using an inappropriate slogan in the derby match against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. 

This was the club’s first game at White Hall since their departure from the Premier and they have now had to play their first home league game in two months. 

It is a huge blow to the club who are hoping to return to the top flight this season. 

On Wednesday, Tottenham Hotspurs supporters posted a message to the Spurs players on Twitter after their defeat to Tottenham Hotspot. 

Their message read: “Tottenham Hotspur are a proud club and a team that deserves our support.

The only reason why they have not won the Premier is because they don’t respect our football club, our club, the rules that we live by and the way we play.

They will have our back, they will have the club back.” 

This is a message sent out to Tottenham’s supporters by the club.


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