Knitted, crocheted and knit garments are among the most popular crafts in the world, but many knitters have trouble finding the right pattern.

A recent survey by Knitting magazine found that 40 percent of knitters struggle to find a pattern for their next project.

To help knitters find their next favorite knit, Crocheted or Knitted garment, we’ve compiled the top knitting patterns of 2018 to help you find your perfect pair.

These patterns include patterns for the basic knitted garments such as sweaters and blankets and the more intricate and luxurious pieces such as pants, sweaters, hats and sweaters with sleeves.

Knitted and crochetted garments are also popular with children, with more than 40 percent preferring these styles to knitwear.

The most popular pattern for children’s garments is the classic pattern from the classic knitwear line from Gap, with 44 percent of children preferring this pattern to the classic version.

For knitters who have the time and inclination to knit their own garments, we recommend our collection of simple patterns for adults and knitters.

We also have a collection of knitwear patterns for women and knitwear for men.