Trouser Lookbook: 3 Looks, No Blazer!

Trouser Lookbook: 3 Looks, No Blazer!



The dressiest and most formal weapon of a man’s closet: the matching blazer-trouser combo, a.k.a the suit. It makes you look good and enhances your silhouette when done properly.


Although it carries a great amount of potential, the suit has one drawback.  It is hard to wear it on a daily basis if you’re not in the business industry (even harder when you’re a student like me).


What a waste to spend several hundreds of dollars on a suit and not wear it! I’ll tell you one thing: you don’t have to wear the suit altogether every time.


For this blog post, we will ditch and set aside the blazer. With the hot temperature and the heat of summer, putting on a blazer will do more bad than good, especially if we are going for casual looks. Here’s how you can elevate your style with one single item: the trousers.


What makes them great


Being able to wear trousers with everyday-wear is a great way to upgrade your casual outfits. While looking sharp and dressy, mastering the art of wearing trousers without the blazer will turn heads towards you. As it can be worn all year-long, the trousers are offered in a variety of fabrics and will make your wardrobe so much more versatile.


With softer fabrics, the trouser can sometimes come out as comfortable rather than dressy. You simply need to find the right pair.


Trousers’ advantages


They’ve been fairly kept untouched in the street-wear. Especially here in Montreal, I don’t see anyone wearing trousers outside of the normal “suit for business” setting. When I wear them, it’s not a surprise to me to see people looking at me from up to down and so forth.


Keeping that in mind, you have to be confident wearing it and not be afraid of pulling off a look that few people are wearing. Not everyone is blunt enough to wear trousers in a different setting from the work-wear. For example, it can feel unusual and uncomfortable to see people staring at you from your head to your shoes (trust me, I’ve been there).


Furthermore, trousers are a dressy clothing item. Wearing them with casual apparel creates a balance between casual and formal, making your outfit “smart casual” (my favorite type of outfits). It also shows how you master the art of dressing.


Lastly, wearing trousers diminish the cost per wear of the suit. As a money-saver, I want to make every penny worth. By wearing trousers, you get to fully appreciate the purchase of a suit money-wise.


In some stores like Zara or Topman, they sell trousers apart from blazers. If you feel uncomfortable wearing suits, you can try to wear trousers first in order to accommodate yourself.


Side note: bring your trousers to the tailor when you feel like they need some tailoring. Nothing looks better on you than tailored clothing and trousers especially. Because of my large thighs, it is hard for me to find tapered trousers that fit perfectly my legs.


Outfit Ideas


Showcased below are three ways to wear your blazer’s counterpart, the trousers, during summer!


With a t-shirt

Trousers with t-shirt

The combination t-shirt/trousers are a nice way to embellish your casual outfits. By pairing the most casual piece of menswear with one of the most formal one, you get a nice in-between that gives you a smart and casual look. Since we’re smart-casual, going with sneakers was in my opinion the best solution.


Who would’ve thought wearing a t-shirt could make you look so dressy? I don’t know, but it’s a great outfit that YOU can pull off too.


With a polo

Trousers and Polo

Ideal for summer, the short-sleeved polo is a hybrid between the dress shirt and the t-shirt. I love the polo because it gives a preppy look without seeming to try too hard. Tucked in or left out, you can’t go wrong with it.


With a simple dress shirt

A dressier ensemble for a dinner or a date, the dress shirt/trouser combo presents a perfect business casual look. For bit cooler summer nights, a dress shirt is perfect since you won’t sweat as much as you would under the glaring sun of the estival season. To match the outfit, I went with dressy oxfords.


As you could see from this lookbook, the trousers can be dressed down and up pretty quickly. From sneakers to oxfords, the reason why you should love and wear trousers are endless. So please do yourself a favor, wear your trousers more often!


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