Posted December 09, 2018 12:14:31As India prepares for a nationwide crackdown on the garment industry, garment workers have been left in the dark about their rights.

The garment industry is the country’s most important industry, accounting for nearly 80 percent of India’s total exports and about half of the countrys GDP.

While the government has issued new regulations aimed at preventing exploitation, it’s unclear whether the new legislation will be enough to protect garment workers.

As of now, the country does not have an official minimum wage, and garment workers are paid about $2.40 per day, about 10 percent less than the minimum wage in the United States.

The garment industry in India is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, whose main job is to make and repair clothing.

The majority of garment workers work for less than $10 per day.

The industry employs around 7 million people, or 1.5 percent of the Indian workforce, according to the World Bank.

But that number is often inflated because of an extensive network of subcontractors, subcontractors and contractors, which helps to drive up the number of garment employees.

India’s government has also set minimum wage rules for garment workers that range from $8 per day to $20 per day in the capital, New Delhi.

This policy has not been universally implemented, however, as some companies have refused to comply, and the policy has been subject to lawsuits by garment workers who say they were paid less than what was promised.

This is especially true for small and small enterprises, which are often the hardest hit by the government’s policy.

The lack of enforcement of the minimum-wage law is also a major barrier to more progressive wage policies.

The laws against trafficking in human beings are among the strictest in the world, but the garment workers themselves have no legal recourse for violations.

They must seek help from social services agencies, who often have little access to these workers.

In many cases, workers are not given any choice but to report violations to authorities, which often end up paying the workers more than what they should have received.

In India, the garment sector is often viewed as a way to survive, and many of the garment-making workers have a strong sense of pride in their work.

Many of them are proud of their work ethic, which they attribute to the country being a land of opportunity.

But the garment production process is often highly exploitative, with workers sometimes working longer hours than is allowed under Indian labor laws.

The minimum wage law is meant to prevent exploitative conditions and to help workers negotiate fair wages.


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