Teddy the dog has become one of the most beloved dogs on Instagram and is a huge draw for the whole world.

The popular pup, who is owned by his owner, Toni Gonsalves, has been featured in fashion magazines, news outlets and on the front pages of the internet.

But how does the pooch get his name?

Is it because he’s a big fan of American football?

Or is it because the colour is so bright?

Read moreWhat is Teddy?

Teddy is a six-year-old German shepherd who is an international icon, a phenomenon whose popularity has spread beyond the US.

He’s been featured on magazines, television and in magazines from around the world.

In 2017, he became the most popular dog on Instagram, having gained over 1.7 million followers.

The American football star Toni got Teddy in 2010 from her dog’s owner, the photographer Toni Gerber, a former model and a successful television personality.

The name Teddy came from Toni’s first name, which means “the same”.

Toni said: “Teddy was born on December 22, 2010, at Toni and Toni, in Los Angeles.

I didn’t know I had a German Shepherd when I was pregnant with Teddy.

The name Teddy was something I had always wanted to have, and it started to be a part of my life.”

Toni Galsalves said that she wanted to name Teddy after the US football team because she thought the colour of Teddy’s skin and the way he looked would make him the perfect dog.

She said: Teddy is a beautiful and friendly dog who loves to sit on her owner’s lap and to have a lot of attention.

He has a very bright and colourful personality and his favourite activity is running around the house.

“When the pair moved to the US in 2011, Tani said, she felt like she was “getting lost in the country”.

But Toni found Teddy’s popularity and his celebrity had led her to make the decision to name him after the team.”

I really love Teddy.

He is so unique, he is such a beautiful dog and I wanted to keep him.

Teddy’s name means ‘The same’, so it’s something I always wanted.””

He has so much love and so much passion, he’s just such a wonderful, happy and affectionate dog.”

Teddy’s name means ‘The same’, so it’s something I always wanted.

“Tani and Tonto are one of several dogs who have become popular since Teddy’s birth.

The American sports fans have been taking Teddy’s photos and memes, which have been shared hundreds of thousands of times, to make him famous.

We have all been talking about it on social media, and I feel very lucky. “

We’re all a little bit in awe.

We have all been talking about it on social media, and I feel very lucky.

Teddy is loved, he gets a lot more attention than he deserves,” she said.


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