What you need to know about the new Nike Air Max silhouette

Nike has revealed the new Air Max collection, and it’s really cool.

First of all, Nike says that it’s made up of 10 new models.

It includes the Air Max “Capella,” “Lane”, “Lightning,” and “Light” models, and all of them feature the new retro “Coke-Style” look.

It’s also launching a collection of “Lanes,” “Lighting” and “Coca Cola-Style,” which are inspired by Coke and the Coke-Cola adidas Ultra Boost.

(If you’re wondering, “Light-Coke” is not an acronym for Light, but a brand name for the lighter version of the Boost).

The Air Max line will be available in three sizes: the Maxx, MaxxS, and MaxxPU.

The Maxx is the smallest of the three models, weighing in at just 11.5 ounces.

The smallest Maxx has a midsole and outsole made of lightweight, water-resistant canvas, and the MaxXPU is the second-smallest of the models.

All three Maxx models are available in black, navy, or teal colorways, and they’re available in two colors, light blue and dark teal.

All of these shoes are available for $300 USD, which is $200 cheaper than Nike’s existing Maxx and Max xS shoes.

(The Maxx S and MaxXP will go for $350 USD, $200 more expensive than the previous Maxx.)

The shoes will be launched at retail on April 14, which will be a very busy day for Nike.

Nike also unveiled a pair of MaxxPx sneakers.

These will be the first of the new Maxx series to be released worldwide, and Nike says they’ll be the most stylish Maxx-related shoes.

The Nike Maxx Px models will be lighter and less restrictive than the Nike Max xPx shoes, but they’ll still be capable of supporting the same high performance features as the Nike xP x Maxx.

The Nike Maxxes will be launching in three different colorways: white, navy blue, and teal, which should make them stand out even more.

The shoes have a mid-sole that has an extra layer of mesh to make the shoe more flexible, and are available to purchase in black or navy blue.

The sneakers will be released in February, and will go on sale in April.

The other new Nike sneakers, however, will be more limited than the others.

These Nike Air Jordan 6 Maxx sneakers will only be available for US and Canadian customers.

They’ll be available at Nike retailers, Nike’s online store, and select Nike+ shops.

You can expect these to be available on April 15.

The Air Jordan 7 Maxx will be releasing on April 22, and is available in a few different colors: black, white, teal blue, or navy.

The next Nike Air is due in August, and we’ll bring you more information on it soon.


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