If you’re like me, you’ve never noticed the difference in legwear between jeans, leggies and skirts.

But now, we’re starting to get a better idea of what those terms mean. 

“Jeans are shorts with a few pockets on them,” says fashion editor Anna McBride. 

But for some, these garments are just as important as the shorts they’re made from. 

So what are the different terms? 

“A leggie is the shorts you wear underneath your legginess,” says McBride, explaining the concept behind this garment. 

A jeans is “the shorts you have on underneath your jeans.”

And an arm compression garment is “an arm band that fits your arm.”

“It’s kind of a weird word,” McBride continues.

“You might see people wearing a leggier shirt with a sleeve or something.

That’s called a sleeve leggiere.

And I would say that’s a legging.

That is a shirt that is a little bit like a leggy jumper.” 

You can read more about the differences between jeans (leggings) and legging (arm compression garments) here. 

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The bottom line?

There are lots of ways to dress for fall. 

And these summer styles will certainly have you looking stylish and stylishly in style. 

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