A new report by the advocacy group World Vision finds that many of the world’s most popular clothing brands, including Nike, Adidas, H&M, Levi Strauss and Reebok, have become more extreme in their Islamic garb.

In an effort to combat the growing Islamophobia that has gripped the world, WNV has teamed up with The Next Woven to launch a new campaign aimed at empowering Muslim women.

The campaign aims to inspire women to wear more modest and modestly fitted clothing and to raise awareness among the public about the issues faced by Muslims.

“Muslim women, particularly Muslim women who are young and inexperienced in the world of fashion, have been neglected by the fashion industry, especially women who have a low voice in the industry,” WNV President Adel Kermiche said in a statement.

“This is especially true in light of recent terrorist attacks on Muslims and other marginalized communities.”

The WNV report found that Muslim women have become much more conservative in their dress style in recent years.

While Muslim women dress modestly in most Muslim countries, the report found some brands have been more extreme, wearing more modest garb than their Western counterparts.WNV’s survey found that the brands surveyed are still more conservative than the general public, but are starting to break into the mainstream with some women wearing more moderate and conservative attire.

The Muslim women surveyed are mostly young and have less education and experience than the average Muslim woman, but the brands continue to be the most conservative brands in their respective markets, according to WNV.

The Muslim brands surveyed included H&m, Adidas and Reemabouk.

In the United States, Nike and H&M have the largest Muslim market share, but only 7% of the total Muslim population, according the WNV survey.


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