Garment dyes sweatshirts are designed to look like clothing you’ve worn before, but with a little twist.

They’re more of a casual wear item than a fashion accessory, and they can be worn by anyone from the street to the office.

They can be bought online, in retail stores, or at your local thrift store. 

Garment dyed sweaters were introduced in 2014 as part of the LDS Church’s clothing and accessories program, and now they’re making a comeback in the LDS community. 

“It was always intended to be a casual item that people would wear, and not a fashion item,” said Kelly Sievers, who owns the Salt Lake City clothing store Garment Dyes. 

She says she sold out of the first batch last year, but the demand for the first three dozen has been so high, she’s had to cut back.

“I’m a businesswoman and it was my first business and I had no idea how much people wanted to wear it,” Sievers said.

“So I’m kind of sad that I can’t continue to do it.”

The LDS Church is currently selling 100,000 pairs of the sweatshirt every week, and Sievers says she’s expecting that number to rise. 

Sievers says the trend is more for women than men.

“The men have been wearing them for years,” Sieves said. 

The LDS Clothing Store, where Sievers sells the garments, is one of the largest retailers of garment dyed sweatshorts in the United States.

It’s also one of several that are making their way into other areas of the world.

In Israel, a garment dye is also making its way into the market.

The clothing store Tzavah has been selling its garments dyed in the garment dye method for about a year. 

Tzavam says the company is already seeing the demand. 

In Germany, the Israeli clothing company Rachmaninoff, which makes clothing for Israeli military personnel, is also selling its clothing dyed in garments.

The LDS clothing store is hoping to get the new trend into more stores and even into a chain of stores like Whole Foods, the discount grocery chain. 

While they don’t have a number for the number of people who have purchased garments dyed sweatshops in Israel, the LDS Clothing store says it expects demand to grow and that sales are expected to increase in the coming months.


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