Recode’s Chris Woodford examines the best new washing machines from the brands you know and love.


The Woven-In-The-Washer by G.H.A.B.A., $949.99.

This is the newest machine from the company, which debuted at CES.

It’s got a stainless steel wash basin, a stainless-steel wash tray, and an integrated shower head that can spray water up to eight feet away.


The Oasis by Lulu, $1,299.99, or the new M.A.’s Lulu by Lulus, $499.99 3.

the Lulu Oasis, $699.99 4.

the Waver by Lululemon, $999.99 5.

the M.S.I.W. by M.B., $1-2,299/pair.

This model is only available in the U.S., and it only features one wash cycle.


the Dolly by Lula, $2,999.95.

This one’s got an auto-washing system that’s a little more advanced than the previous two, which only features a manual wash cycle and a wash cycle for the shower.


the Oasis Wash, $399.99 8.

the J.A.-designed J.L.D., $499-599/pair 9.

the Shower By O-Line, $799.99 10.

the H-series L.O.W., $2-3,399/pair 11.

the G.

S-series S-Series, $3,299-4,299 /pair.

These two are the only models from Lula and Lulus that have a single wash cycle, and they’re only available for women.


the P-Series S-series, $5,999/pair 13.

the E-series E-Series 2, $7,499/pair 14.

the S-1 by Lumi, $10,899/pair 15.

the C-series C-Series 1, $19,999 16.

the V-series V-Series 5, $29,499 17.

the T-series T-Series 7, $39,499 18.

the K-series K-Series 4, $49,999 19.

the R-series R-Series 6, $59,999 20.

the U-series U-Series 3, $99,999 21.

the Pro Series Pro Series 3, or $349.99 22.

the Super Series Super Series 4, or this one.


the Classic Series Classic Series 3 or this model.


the Signature Series Signature Series 3.


the Ultra Series Ultra Series 2.


the Ultimate Series Ultra series.


the Deluxe Series Deluxe Series 1.


the Sport Series Sport Series 1 or this, which comes with a water filtration system.


the Elite Series Elite Series 1, or a wash system.


the Power Series Power Series 1 for women, $79.99 or this.


the B.L.-series B.B.-series 1, for women only.


the Fusion Series Fusion Series 1 in a special “L” edition, or for women with kids, $149.99 for a two-piece model, or it can be upgraded to a three-piece with a washable basin.


the Eco Series Eco Series 1 with the Eco-Smart feature.


the Smart Series Smart Series 1 (no name, but it’s a two or three-petal model with a stainless water filter) for men, $249.99 (with a wash machine) or this two-petaled model with stainless water filters.


the Cool Series Cool Series 1 at $199, or in a limited edition with the Cool-Treat line.


the Nano Series Nano Series 1 on the Apple Store for $129, or you can buy it in two pieces at the Lula site.


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