Fox News has learned the first amputees to receive an operation to repair their legs will be among the U.S. men’s team at the 2018 Rio Olympics.

The announcement from the American team came as part of an announcement Friday by the National Olympic Committee that the women’s team will receive an emergency leg brace.

The brace will allow for better leg movement, including more flexibility.

The American women will also be the only team to have a brace on their feet at the Games, according to the announcement.

The women’s Olympic team announced in January that it was in talks to include an amputae in its roster for the 2024 Games, which would mean the first time a Paralympian has ever had a leg brace on.

The U.K. had a similar announcement this week.

The U.N. has called for an immediate end to the amputations, with a report saying that over 1,500 amputeed people have died in the U, S. and Canada in the last two decades.