In the fall of 2019, LDS women in the LaVista Garment District in Utah decided to show off their style choices and celebrate diversity.

As part of the initiative, the district’s clothing department had a competition for white garments.

In the end, some women were chosen to wear black clothing, while others wore the most popular colors of the white garments, including white pants and white shirts.

Here are some of the winners.

Lest you think the white clothing contest was a one-off, the La Vista Garments Department, which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also ran a similar contest last year for their ward colors.

The white garments were chosen based on the overall trend of the ward’s color scheme, including “green, blue, red, white and yellow.”

The winner of the contest, however, was actually the sister of a member of the church, who won with a white shirt and pants.

“I think the people who are interested in wearing these white garments are the same ones who are looking for something a little bit different,” the sister said.

“You have to look at what you’re doing and what you have in the closet.

And you have to go in with a good purpose.”

In order to celebrate their ward color scheme and celebrate the diversity of the LDS faith, many La Vistas chose to wear their ward’s white clothing as well.

“The colors of this ward are very, very white, but the colors of our church are very vibrant,” said Sister Kim.

“And I think that really makes it a lot more inclusive for us as sisters.”

“The color of the skin of a woman is a color that should be valued,” she said.

It is important to remember that all members of the Mormon faith wear their colors of clothing, and this is a very personal choice.

While the LDS Church’s clothing guidelines state that all women must be of “white skin,” some women have expressed that they don’t necessarily have to wear white clothing to be considered a member.

“It’s always nice to know that there are women who are choosing to be different than the norm,” said Kim.

If you are looking to buy a new pair of white garments this fall, you can contact the La Vista Garment Department to find out more about the clothing they will be making available.


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