The keftas clothes have a vintage feel to them.

They are made from cotton, rayon, linen, and rayon-dyed fabric, and have a slim waist and skinny legs.

The clothes are also handmade, which makes them much more customizable than most clothing companies.

They’re also made in India, where the workers are paid a living wage, so you can be sure they’re made from the best.

But I’ve been wearing the jeans for years and I love them.

So much so that I have to say the word “love” a lot.

Keftas jeans, like many brands, have a unique history.

They came about when two of India’s most famous women, Mooli Bhatt and Mani Shankar Aiyar, wanted to make a statement about the quality of the clothes.

They teamed up with a fashion designer and bought a garment factory in the city of Bengaluru.

They made their jeans in a factory that they rented from a family-owned company, and they made the clothes for themselves.

They had to buy materials that were very expensive and were also not suitable for other brands, like jeans.

They were also worried that if the jeans were made cheaply, they would become unsold and their profit margins would drop.

But the women convinced the factory management to buy them some of the finest materials available, which included cotton, wool, silk, and a fabric made from wool.

They also paid for their labor in the brand’s factories in India.

Now the brand is called Kefeta, and the jeans are sold in over 30 countries around the world.

I’ve worn the jeans in India for years, and I can’t get enough of them.

The quality is top notch, and it’s not cheap.

But it’s a luxury item that is affordable for many people.

I also love the look of the denim.

The brand uses a combination of the traditional Indian and western styles of the 1920s and 1930s.

It is a blend of classic Indian fabrics, with modern touches, and is often called “the best of Indian fabric.”

The brand also sells an assortment of high-quality sneakers.

And you can also find jeans that have been made from leather or polyester.

I have always been interested in what it’s like to be a woman who loves to wear jeans.

As a teenager, I was so into them.

I would buy them every day and wear them everywhere, whether I was in India or abroad.

I wore my jeans every day, even in the subway.

When I was at work, I would walk past the garment factory and be surrounded by a crowd of people who looked at me as if I was a fashion model.

When a young man saw me wearing them, he would give me compliments, because he thought I looked like a model.

The next day, I had to wear them for three days.

They became my favorite pieces of clothing, and when I was about to start college, I started wearing them in my everyday wardrobe.

I still have them today.

I love wearing them.

And if they are so comfortable and comfortable, why do so many people not wear them?

Because they are often considered to be unhygienic, which is also not true.

They do have a slight odor, but they don’t smell bad.

They just have a soft feel and can be worn on almost any skin.

They fit well in many women’s sizes, which are a bit longer than their shorter counterparts.

They can be dressed up or down.

I like them with a skirt or a dress.

The way I wear them is what I prefer.

But they do have one big drawback.

Most of the time, when I wear jeans, I am wearing them under my shirt, because they are made of cotton.

If you try to wear a skirt on them, they will pull up.

But you can wear a tank top or a skirt over them, which can be very stylish.

But even though the jeans have been around for decades, they haven’t gotten the attention they deserve.

I am very excited about the jeans that I own.

They have always made me feel confident, and these jeans are definitely a statement.

But for women who wear them, I don’t see them as a fashion statement.

They don’t have the same feel as traditional jeans.

But women like me can still wear them because they’re comfortable, they’re flattering, and can keep up with any outfit.


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